The Brenus armor package coupled with the dozer blade would probably increase the combat weight of the AMX-40 to something like 46 metric tons.

The AMX-40 was a French prototype main battle tank. Its development began in 1983 as a clean sheet design. Four prototypes had been produced by 1986, and the design was offered for export notably to Spain.

The tank was of fairly standard configuration, with the driver at the front, the turret in the center, housing a gunner, commander and loader. With the engine at the rear. It’s armament consisted of a 120 millimeter calibre smoothbore gun, with a coaxial 20 millimeter calibre autocannon. The tank was powered by a 1,100 horsepower V12 diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission.

Designations AMX-40
Manufacturer(s) GIAT Industries
Status Development completed. Not in service or production.
Production Period 1983-1985 Production Quantity 4 prototypes
Type MBT Crew 4
Length, overall 10.0m Length, hull 6.8m
Width, overall 3.36m Height, overall 3.1m
Combat Weight 43000kg Unloaded Weight n/a
Radio, external n/a Communication, crew n/a


Main Armament 120mm smoothbore gun Ammunition Carried 35x120mm
Gun Traverse 360ยบ Elevation/Depression n/a
Traverse Rate n/a Elevation Rate n/a
Gun Stabilization vertical/horizontal Rangefinder laser
Night Vision passive Auto-Loader auto-assisted
Secondary Armament 20mm F2 (coaxial); 7.62mm MG (AA) Ammunition Carried 578x20mm; 2250×7.62mm


Engine Poyaud V12X 12-cylinder diesel Transmission ZF
Horsepower 1100hp at 2500rpm Suspension torsion bar
Power/Weight Ratio 25hp/t Track Width 57.0cm
Speed, on road 70km/h Track Ground Contact n/a
Fuel Capacity 1100+400 l (1) Ground Pressure 0.89kg/cm2
Range, on road 600+250km Gradient 70%
Fuel Consumption about 180 l/100km Vertical Obstacle 1.0m
Turning Radius n/a Trench Crossing 3.2m
Ground Clearance 0.45m Fording 1.3m (2)


Smoke Laying 2×3 smoke launchers NBC Protection n/a
Armor Details n/a



(1) AMX-40 can carry up to 400 l of addition fuel in two external barrels that may be jettisoned.

(2) Fording depth of 2.3m with preparation; 4.0m with snorkel.







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