The Cerne Abbas Giant

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The Cerne Abbas Giant is a towering figure carved into a chalk hill above the quaint and ancient village of Cerne Abbas near Dorchester, Dorset. The Giant is 55m long and 51m wide and holds a club that is 36.5m long – he is thought to have once also held a cloak or a severed head, but there is no longer any evidence of these. At the above mentioned dimensions, the Cerne Abbas Giant is the largest of such man-made human figures found in England. The second largest is the Long Man of Wilmington in Sussex, but that figure is …

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Roman Mythology

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Mythology is a collection of myths that a particular culture believes in and often attributes events of ancient past to supernatural powers. The mythology of any culture is generally a collection of the myths that explain the origin, the traditions, rituals and social practices followed by that culture. The word ‘mythology’ is often used to refer to the ancient tales that have been passed from generation to generation through verbal tradition, or have been written down and preserved for centuries. Since the Christian era, the Greco-Romans started using the word myth to mean ‘fable’. Roman mythology is one of the …

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Cupid – God of Love

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It’s hard to miss the statues and pictures of the cherubic little boy with wings and armed with bow and arrow ready to strike unsuspecting souls and make them fall dead…in love. I am talking of Cupid – God of love and beauty. The name itself has been derived from the Latin word Cupido which means desire. It is not just human beings but even Gods who were said to have become victims of Cupid’s arrows. One of them was his own mother Venus who fell in love with Adonis, the first man she saw after she scratched herself with one of …

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Saturn God

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The Roman mythology is full of legends related to different gods and goddesses. Each Roman and Greek God and Goddess represented different aspects of life and responsibilities. People were scared of making the Gods angry and facing their wrath. The angered Gods could make ones life a misery and thus it was always better to keep them happy. One of the many legends is the Saturn God myth. In this article, you will learn some interesting information related to Saturn, the God of Rome. Saturn God Myth Saturn, the God of Rome, was the God of fertility and agriculture. He was known as the Roman …

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