Gorgopotamos Bridge
The Gorgonpotamos viaduct blown up in 1942 by SOE and subsequently rebuilt.

Code name for the first Special Operations Executive (SOE) mission to the mainland of Greece, in September 1942, led by Brigadier Edmund Myers of the Royal Engineers. Harling resulted in contact with the Communist-dominated Greek army of national liberation, ELAS, and the demolition of the Gorgopotamus Bridge in November. Myers was an unlikely candidate for the mission, his only tenuous connection with SOE being that he was courting, and was later to marry, Bickham Sweet-Escott’s sister Louisa. A professional soldier who had recently been through the Middle East Staff College in Haifa and the Combined Operations parachute course at Suez, in September 1942 he had been scheduled to return to England. Instead, Colonel William Hamilton, an acquaintance and senior member of SOE Cairo’s staff, persuaded him to volunteer for harling. Myers spoke no Greek and his local knowledge was “limited to a few hours in Athens and Dubrovnik.” Nevertheless, Hamilton assured him that this was plenty of experience by SOE’s standards and gave him four days to prepare himself for his mission.

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