Early Russian Armoured Cars

At the beginning of WWI Russia had virtually no motor industry but its one car company, the Russo-Baltic Russko-Baltiisky Vagon Zaved (R-BVZ, or Russo-Baltic Wagon Factory) located in Riga, Latvia, built an armoured car soon after the war started, and subsequently produced a few more so that a unit could be formed that was sent into action in October 1914. More armoured cars were ordered by the Russian authorities from abroad and especially from Britain. The most numerous of the British cars were produced by the Austin company to a Russian design, which incorporated a very peculiar arrangement of two side-by-side machine gun turrets. Their total, including armoured cars built in Russia on Austin chassis, rose eventually to more than 200. More armoured cars were procured from other companies and some were also built in Russia using imported chassis, bringing the total acquired by the Russian Army to more than 600 in 1917

Russian Empire Armoured Cars

Landships II


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