Greek Proverbs and Quotes

Ancient Greek philosophers are well known for their words of wisdom. Names like Socrates, Aristotle and Plato are just a few among the sonorous names of great Greek thinkers.

See some famous Greek quotes given below!

Know yourself! Socrates

A different man, a different taste.

A gift, though small, is welcome.

A library is a repository of medicine for the mind.

A lucky person is someone who plants pebbles and harvests potatoes.

A mad bull is not to be tied up with a pack thread.

A miser and a liar bargain quickly.

Many words are poverty.

A person can be as sweet as honey or as heavy as steel.

The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates

I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world. Socrates

After the war, aid.

All things good to know are difficult to learn.

An iron rod bends while it is hot.

Either dance well or quit the ballroom.

He who is not satisfied with a little is not satisfied with allot.

I hold that to need nothing is divine, and the less a man needs the nearer does he approach divinity. Socrates

Character is habit long continued.

Death is never at a loss for occasions.

Even from a foe a man may learn wisdom.

From a thorn comes a rose, and from a rose comes a thorn.

Good accounts make good friends.

Gray hair is a sign of age, not wisdom.

Great abilities produce great vices as well as virtues.

Great birth is a very poor dish at table.

He who cannot bear misfortune is truly unfortunate.

He who respects his parents never dies.

I send thee myrrh, not that thou mayest be by it perfumed, but it perfumed by thee.

If advice will not improve him, neither will the rod.

If all men were just, there would be no need of valor.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.

Ill-timed laughter is a dangerous evil.

In hospitality, the chief thing is the good will.

It is easier to talk than to hold one’s tongue.

Learn to obey before you command.

Learn to walk before you run.

Live today, forget the past.

Many a pupil has gained more wealth than his master.

Many men know how to flatter, few men know how to praise.

Many men, many minds.

Men never moan over the opportunities lost to do good, only the opportunities to be bad.

Men prone to tears are good.

No need to teach an eagle to fly.

Observe your enemies, for they first find your faults.

Old age and poverty are wounds that can’t be healed.

Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.

Old men are twice children.

A miser is ever in want.

A small evil may be a great good.

A word out of season may mar a whole lifetime.

Act quickly, think slowly.

Add not fire to fire.

Affairs sleep soundly when fortune is present.

Don’t hear one and judge two.

Endeavor to bear the ignorance of fortune with patience.

He who has been angry becomes cool again.

He who laughs not in the morning, laughs not at noon.

The excess of virtue is a vice.

The net of the sleeper catches fish.

All people’s experience can teach us things that we don’t have to live on our own to learn, that of course when it comes to mistakes. However, the words of wisdom and the Greek proverbs are a source of practical knowledge and show a deep insight helping us to know people and situations from a different angle and oftentimes from a very important angle.