MT-LB Multipurpose Armoured Vehicle


A left front view of a Soviet MT-LB multi-purpose tracked vehicle on display at Bolling Air Force Base, 1986.


9P149 vehicle with 9M144 missiles of anti-tank complex «Shturm-S» in Saint Petersburg Artillery museum.


Iraqi MT-LB converted into a SPAAG armed with a ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun.



The MT-LB amphibious armoured tracked vehicle is fully amphibious, propelled in the water by its tracks. The low-silhouette MT-LB has a flat-track suspension consisting of six road wheels with no return rollers. The box-like welded steel plate hull has a crew compartment at the front, engine immediately behind on the left side, and a troop compartment at the rear which has inward-facing folding canvas seats for 10 infantrymen. The flat hull roof has two forward opening troop exit hatches. The infantry enter and leave the vehicle by two rear doors which are provided with firing ports. The total of four firing ports also include one on each side of the vehicle. The small turret to the right of the commander’s position mounts a single 7.62-mm machine gun. Standard equipment on all vehicles includes an NBC protection system.

The MT-LB is an amphibious armored tracked vehicle with a low-silhouette, box- like hull made of welded steel plates and a small turret on the right front, mounting a single 7.62-mm machine gun. There are four firing ports, one on each side of the vehicle and one in each of the two rear exit doors. Two additional, forward-opening, troop exit hatches are located on the flat hull roof. The flat-track suspension consists of six road wheels with no return rollers.

The MT-LB can employ an extra-wide-track with an “aggressive” grouser to make over snow and swamp operations easier. The wide-tracked version, designated MT-LBV, has a track which is 565 mm wide compared to the normal 350-mm-wide track. The wider track reduces ground pressure from 0.46 to only 0.28 kg/cm2.

The MT-LB is a multipurpose vehicle. When used as an ARC or command vehicle, it can carry ten personnel besides its two-man crew (driver and commander-gunner). It also is used as a prime mover for various types of artillery. In this case it can also carry the artillery crew (six to ten personnel). It is frequently used as prime mover for the 100-mm antitank gun T-12. As a cargo and general transport vehicle, it has a cargo capacity of 2.0 metric tons (towed load 6.5 metric tons). The wide-tracked MT-LBV is used as a soft-terrain vehicle.

The MT-LB is lightly armed and lightly armored.

The MT-LB was first designated M 1970 since it was initially identified by the West in 1970. Its design is based on the MT-L light transport vehicle and prime mover. The MT-L, which is unarmored and turretless, was first developed for geological research in the far north.


The crew, a driver and a commander/gunner sit in a compartment at the front of the vehicle, with the engine behind them. A compartment at the rear enables up to 11 infantry to be carried or a cargo of up to 2,000 kg. A load of 6,500 kg can be towed. The vehicle is fully amphibious, being propelled by its tracks in the water.

A small turret at the front of the vehicle fits a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun with 360 degree manual traverse and an elevation of -5 to +30 degrees. The vehicle is lightly armoured against small arms and shell splinters with a thickness of 3 to 10 mm of steel. The infantry compartment has two hatches over the top, which open forwards. There are four firing ports – one in either side of the hull, the other two in the rear twin doors of the infantry compartment.

The driver is provided with a TVN-2 infra-red periscope, which in combination with the OU-3GK infra-red/white light search light provides a range of about 40 m. All vehicles include an NBC system.


2S1 ~ MT-LB-based 122mm self propelled gun

9P139 ~ A version of the 9P138 (30 x 122mm), based on the MT-LB instead of the ZiL-131.

9P149 ~ MT-LB, with a retractable Scturm-V Launcher.

9S743 ~ Bulgarian command MT-LB.

AZM ~ Combat engineer vehicle

Beta-em ~ Polish communications vehicle

Bergningsbandvagn 4012 ~ MT-LB based recovery vehicle in Swedish Army service

Bor ~ Polish resupply vehicle

BMP-23 ~ Bulgarian 2S1 based recce vehicle

BMP-23D ~ improved BMP-23

BMP-30 ~ Bulgarian 2S1 based MICV

BRM ~ See Sova.

Durian ~ See TRI-D.

Gvozdika ~ Series of 122mm self propelled guns based on MT-LB chassis.

ISM ~ Polish minelayer based on stripped down MT-LB chassis

ISMN aka Kroton ~ Polish minelayer based on stripped down MT-LB chassis

Izdyeliye 6 ~ Series industrial designation.

Izdyeliye 6MA ~ See MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MA).

Izdyeliye 6MB ~ See MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB).

K-611 ~ Nuclear flash spotting vehicle

K-612 ~ Nuclear flash spotting vehicle

K-612-OP ~ Nuclear flash spotting vehicle

Krak ~ Polish air defence variant.

KshM R-80 ~ Bulgarian command vehicle with 2 poles and a large box aft

KShM R-81 ~ Bulgarian staff vehicle with additional observers cupola, boxes and generator aft

La-3 ~ Polish air-defence command post.

Lowcza-3 ~ See La-3.

Lotus ~ See WEM Lotus.

LSPZRA ~ See Stalagmit

Maritza ~ Automated NBC reconnaissance system

Mors ~ Polish engineer vehicle with rear-mounted dozer blade

MR HR ~ See RHR.

MT-LB [Ambulance]

MT-LB [Blade] ~ Equipped with a rear-mounted dozer blade for light engineering tasks

MT-LB [BG – Radar] ~ Bul;garian radar vehicle.

MT-LB [Command]

MT-LB [Command Variant 1]

MT-LB [DR – Command] NVA command version usually used by artillery units.

MT-LB [Early Production] ~ Initial production version with antennae mount on front.

MT-LB [IQ – Ambulance] ~ Iraqi ambulance version.

MT-LB [IQ – Mortar Variant 1] ~ Iraqi Mortar variant with internally mounted 120mm mortar.

MT-LB [IQ – Mortar Variant 2] ~ Iraqi mortar variant fitted with multi-tube SM4 mount.

MT-LB [IQ – ZU-23] Purpose built fire support version.

MT-LB [Kurgan Upgrade] ~ MT-LB upgrade package by the Kurgan Machine Construction Plant

MT-LB [Late Production] ~ Version with raiased drivers hatch.

MT-LB [Mid Production] ~ Version with antennae mount behind turret.

MT-LB [PL – CV 9040] ~ Polish version fitted with the Swedish CV 9040 turret

MT-LB [PL – RSSV] ~ Polish rescue and service standby vehicle.

MT-LB [Repair] ~ Engineer repair version

MT-LB [Sturm 30mm RCWS] ~ UKrainian fire support version with Shturm 30mm RCWS.

MT-LB [SU – Gun Tractor] ~ Version used as gun tractor.

MT-LB [SU – Mortar] ~ Soviet mortar tractor version.

MT-LB [UA Upgrade] ~ Ukrainian upgrade with 30mm weapons station added

MT-LB [Upgraded] ~ Upgraded standard MT-LBs

MT-LB [Vasilek Portee] – Version modified to carry Vasilek mortar.

MT-LB [ZU-23] ~ Improvised fire support vehicle

MT-LB6MA ~ See MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MA).

MT-LB6MB ~ See MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB).

MT-LB-23M Krak ~ Polish air defence/combat engineer vehicle


MT-LB-AT-I ~ Artillery tractor with ammunition racks mounted in the troop compartiment

MT-LB M1979 ~ Early gun tractor variant

MT-LB M1979/1 ~ Combat engineer version

MT-LB M1979/2 ~ Combat engineer version

MT-LB M1979/3 ~ See MTP-LB.

MT-LB M1979/4

MT-LB M1981/1 ~ Radiological Survey version

MT-LB M1981/2

MT-LB M1983/1

MT-LB M1983/3

MT-LB M1985 ~ Fitted with rocket-based minefield breaching system.

MT-LB MC ~ See Podnos.

MT-LB Mod.32 ~ Specialised chassis.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6M) – MT-LB modified in 1990 by Muromteplovoz

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MA) – Fitted with YaMZ-238VM engine & turret of the BTR-80.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MA1) – Fitted with AGS-17 30 mm turret.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MA2) – Fitted with KPVB 23 mm & AGS-17 30 mm turret.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MA3) – Fitted with 9M133 Kornet ATGM, 7.62 mm PKTM & AG-30 AGS turret.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MA4) – Fitted with KPVB 23 mm & KPVT 14.5 turret.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB) – Wide-track version with YaMZ-238VM engine & BTR-80A turret.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB2) – Wide-track version with AG-17 turret.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB3) – Wide-track version with GSh-23V turret.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB4) – Wide-track version with GSh-30K turret.

MT-LBM (izdeliye 6MB5) – Wide-track version fitted with 23/30 mm & Igla SAM turret.

MT-LBM1 (izdeliye 6M1) – Fitted with 300-310 hp engine.

MT-LB-6M1B3 – 2 Gsh-23, 12.7 MG, 30 mm AGS & 2 Igla SAM.

MT-LB-6M1B5 – 2 Gsh-30K, 12.7 MG , 0 mm AGS & 2 Igla SAM.

MT-LBM2 (izdeliye 6M2) ~ Kurganmashzavod Mod with BMP fittings.

MT-LBO ~ Bulgarian designation for MT-LB vehicle

MT-LB R6 ~ IFV version produced by Kharkiv Marozov.

MT-LB R7 – IFV version produced by Kharkiv Marozov.

R-80 ~ See KShM R-80.

R-81 ~ See KShM R-81.

MT-LB R-137T ~ Polish communications variant

MT-LB SE ~ Ambulance version with raised rear roof

MT-LBV [Early Production] – Early production wide-track version.

MT-LBV [Main Production] – Main production wide-track version.

MT-LBW ~ Polish version of the MT-LB.

MT-LB WD ~ Polish command version.

MT-LB San ~ East German ambulance variant.

MTP-LB ~ Armoured recovery vehicle.

PansarBandVagn 401 ~ MT-LB in service in Sweden.

PansarBandVagn 401GRK ~ Swedish MT-LB modified to mount 120mm mortar in a turret.

PansarBandVagn 452 ~ Swedish MTLB fitted with a BILL turret.

PansarBandVagn 4012 ~ MT-LB modified by Sweden.

Podnos ~ Mortar carrier with 2B14 82mm and 120 rds

Promet ~ Polish air defence variant with twin 23mm in open-top turret.

Promet 2 ~ Polish air defence variant with twin 30mm in open-top turret.

Radiolänkpansarbandvagn 401 ~ Command and control version used by div/brig commanders

R-137 ~ Polish MT-LB with R-137 radio

R-137T ~ Polish MT-LB with R-137 radio

RHR ~ Bulgarian NBC recce vehicle with flag dispenser, cupola and measuring systems

RKhM ~ NBC reconnaissance

RKhM-K ~ NBC reconnaissance command

S-10mj ~ See Sava.

Sani ~ See Tundzha-Sani.

Sava ~ Strela-10 TEL in yugoslav service.

SMM B1.10 ~ See Tundzha.

SMM 74.B1.10 ~ See Tundzha-Sani.

SNAR-10 aka 1RL-232, MT-LB Big Fred – artillery/mortar locating radar

SNAR-10M aka 1RL-232-1 ~ Improved SNAR-10

Sopol ~ Polish air defence variant.

SOVA ~ Bulgarian MT-LB with dismountable surveillance radar system

Stalagmit ~ Polish air defence variant.

TRI ~ Polish combat engineer vehicle

TRI-D ~ Polish mine clearance system

TRI-M ~ Unidentified

TRI HORS ~ TRI fitted with rear-mounted dozer blade

Tundzha ~ Mortar carrier with M-38/43 120mm mortar and 68 rds

Tundzha-Sani ~ Tundzha mortar carrier with 2B11 120mm and 68 rds

UR-77 ~ Mine clearing device

WAT ~ Fire support vehicle fitted with 14.5mm turret.

WAT-40 ~ Fire support vehicle armed with Bofors 40mm.

WEM ~ Polish ambulance version based on standard MT-LB.

WEM Lotos ~ Polish ambulance version with raised rear superstructure.


WPT/DTP ~ Polish armoured recovery version.

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