World War 1: Causes, Trenches and Timeline

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In the beginning of 20th century, Europe was sitting on the top of a volcano. It was a volcano of ambitions of colonial powers, military dominance and egos of the nations. Though everything seemed calm on the surface, one small event ignited the great war which we know by the name of World War I. On 28th June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Serbia. This assassination triggered the World War I which lasted for 4 years and resulted in 40 million casualties Causes of World War I Though the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is considered as the …

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Italy Loses Last Veteran of Great War

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Italy’s last surviving veteran of the first world war, Carlo Orelli, has died aged 110. Italy’s last surviving veteran of the first world war, Carlo Orelli, has died aged 110. Mr Orelli, who was a well-known figure across the country, enrolled in the Italian infantry when he was 21 and was among the first Italian troops to fight on the Austro-Hungarian front in the 1914-18 war. His wartime memories were vivid. In numerous interviews and in his wartime diaries, entitled The Last Infantryman, published last year, the veteran recalled his experience in the trenches around Trieste. “In my brigade there …

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Why We Celebrate Black History Month

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Since Carter G. Woodson’s efforts in the 1910’s, and the idea of setting aside a time of year to celebrate the accomplishments of African-Americans, disparaging remarks about his efforts and the idea of documenting and celebrating black accomplishments have been subject to criticism.  Unfortunately, even black Americans seem to have found Black History Month inadequate (celebrate 365, they say) or forget about it all together. Some people feel that the time has past for a separate time of commemoration. Remembering achievements we accomplished as a people, and what struggles endured is reason enough to celebrate. But there’s much more. Firstly, the example of …

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