The Horror of Hitler, Still Left Behind

There are still many Nazi sympathizers out there and so many fear that the sale of Adolf Hitler’s family home in Braunau am Inn (Austria) can leave it at the mercy of some wrong people. The home that saw the birth of Hitler in 1889 is priced 2.2 million Euros with many showing good interest in buying the historical property. Yet many local residents and politicians fear that the house may fall into the wrong hands and serve as a holy shrine for all the Nazi sympathizers that are still out there. While some historians have raised an opinion of converting the monument into a museum, that opinion has also been shot down for the very same reason. Braunau mayor Gerhard Skiba opposed the idea on the grounds that it would bring in hordes of Nazi sympathizers to the place and no local wants that happening. Know more on Adolf Hitler.

The address of Salzburger Vorstadt 15 has only one piece of evidence showing off its historical importance. It has a ‘Hitler birthplace memorial stone’ placed there which ironically commemorates all the Jewish victims of the Nazi holocaust. Local authorities in the small town are trying everything to stop the house sale, especially to private individuals. They fear that its history could bring extreme right-wingers from all around the world to throng there. The Braunau mayor has proposed a plan for the town to buy it and save itself from the expected fate, but the tiny town does not have enough cash for the sale to go through. The mayor has made public his plans to approach the government of Vienna to help the town with the monetary aspect of the proposed purchase. Know more on Nazism.

The historical monument in its current state shows nothing of its past. The irony of the situation is that the building is being used by an organization helping the disabled. At various times in its past, it has housed libraries, banks and even technical institutes. The place that is very rich in its historical importance, today, has absolutely no connection with the historical bloodshed. If you wish to buy this infamous property, you need to start accumulating 2.2 million Euros right now, for I assure that there will be no shortage of offers for the place, ironically by both, the Nazi sympathizers and the Nazi haters (obviously for different objectives).