The invention of Colors by Egyptians

The Egyptians are very historical nation and are famous due to their extraordinary inventions, similarly they produced colors by using different artificial technologies to obtain different colors.

Two of the best colors produced out of ancient Egypt were known as verdigris and lead-white.

A shiny surface is brought about when copper plates and exposed to acid billows and corrosion.

A blue-green tincture could be brought about by the use of corrosion and verdigris.

The effect of corrosion is long lasting since the strongest tart available in ancient Egypt was vinegar.

Lead white is a color produced by from feedback from heat, antimony oxide, lead-antimonite and whitish –yellow-pigment also known as Naples yellow.

A kind of red oxide lead is produced when lead-white is warmed (also known as minimum in the medieval era)

During medieval and renaissance times, ancient Egyptian colors such as Lead white, minimum, Egyptian Blue, and others were widely used by synthetic artists.

Minimum, being such a luxuriant color, gave more meaning to the term “diminutive”. A tiny painting could be made very small, due to the red paint used in canvassing it.

Till date, there are traditional oil painters working on various colorful designs of gemstones.