Traditional Mayan Clothing

Traditional Mayan clothing is something that is still on the scene despite its rather tribal appeal. This clothing is based on the kind of clothing worn by the Maya people. These Mayan groups of people have been around for a long period of time. Their civilization was found in the magnificent rain forests of Mexico, Belize etc. Today, this group still occupies area of Southern Mexico and certain parts of North Central America. Even today, Mayan people have managed to preserve their ancient tradition and customs. Traditional Mayan clothing is very much in demand today. The beautiful colors and the delicate weaves are predominant in villages inhabited by the native Mayan people. A closer look at the traditional Mayan clothing would reveal the designs vary from village to village although the basic structure may be the same. The Maya settlements seen in Chiapas are considered to be the most traditional of all. Here, the Maya people live on lowland areas and are quite self-sufficient. These groups of people grow their own crops and even build their own furniture. The traditional Mayan clothing is thus stitched for and embroidered by this group itself. The Maya people are known by their rather distinctive style of dressing. Here, we shall have an insight into the kind of clothing worn by the Mayan group of people.

Traditional Mayan Clothing:

The Mayans are known by their typical traditional clothing, which are mainly woven by the women. The most beautiful designs of weaves are found in Chiapas, Mexico. Women that belonged to this group have always worn the huipil. This is a kind of a decorative blouse, which is made of lightweight cotton. The huipil is very much a part of the dressing for women of the Mayan group. This garment is rectangular in shape and the silhouette is loose. Such a garment is also seen in different lengths. The designs often differ depending upon the community of the Mayan people. Stripes and wavy patterns are a common feature on the huipils. Huipils are generally worn with a wraparound skirt. These skirts were tied with the help of a sash. The necks of such blouses are often decorative. The designs often have a symbolic meaning for the community.

Men that belonged to the Maya group of people wore a breechcloth made of cotton. This was wrapped around the bottom area. Today, men wear certain stylized options, which show the Spanish influence. The tzute is yet another garment that is worn by the men and by the women as well. This is worn over the shoulder area and is often decorated with embroidery. Men also wore wide belts. These were made of leather or even cloth and a cord was used to join the same.

Particular motifs were used to design traditional Mayan clothing and are still seen on these beautiful garments. One specific motif of a diamond is the main design element for the huipils. The diamond represents the sun. A specific ceremonial huipil is specially designed for traditional occasions and is adorned only by the wives of religious officials. Some other symbols that are used are the tail of the scorpion, the toad, vulture etc.

Traditional Mayan clothing cannot be complete without the mention of jewelry worn by the Maya people. This was as per the position of the person in the tribe. Beads and other decorative items were used for the neck, nose, ears, mouth and even the legs.

For the Mayan people, every garment is considered to be very sacred and the weaves denote a kind of spirituality. Traditional Mayan clothing thus has a symbolism associated with the various forms. Today, one can find specific outlets that stock a range of such garments. Their colors and the vibrancy of the garments is probably what create more demand for Mayan clothing.