Ukrainian National Army (UNA)

The Ukrainian National Army became the largest Ukrainian formation during the war and included most of the Ukrainian volunteers from the German Army. The Ukrainian National Committee which was formed in 1944 and approved by Alfred Rosenberg had elected former officer from UNR (Ukrainian People’s Republic 1921) Pavlo Shandruck as the general and supreme commander of UNA. Members of his staff had included Dr. Kubijovych from the Military Board, representatives from Eastern Ukraine, and both OUN-M (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) and OUN-B factions. Chief of staff was Col. Vyshnivsky and chief of communications V. Serediuk. Other generals included O. Pavlenko and D. Bakun.

In the beginning of 1945 more divisions of UNA began to form. Two divisions were already formed:

a. 1st Division of UNA – from 14th Division SS Galicia which was handed over in March 1945.
b. 2nd Division of UNA – from anti-panzer brigade “Vilna Ukraina”, which grew in strength to the equivalence of full division and some Schuma battalions.

There were also plans for the creation of 3rd and 4th divisions out of Ukrainian SS youth and members of UVV but these were prevented by the end of the war.