As the German army was beginning to suffer its defeats from the Soviets, various military formations were formed from the indigenous population in Eurasian Russia. Although Hitler was reluctant to have any Russian volunteers in his army, due to changing conditions on the front Russians were hired and started out as Hiwis (Hilfswillige), performing such tasks as skirmishes and patrols. Originally they were forbidden to wear German uniforms, insignia and awarded German medals. Latter on such formations grew in size and eventually whole battalions and divisions were formed. People joined such formations either as a way of escaping the horrible death in the POW camps or from political reasons – as a fight against Bolshevism.

From the very beginning number of Ukrainians ended up in such formations. In most cases it was because of non-availability of Ukrainian formation to join to, or in some instances low national consciousness. Ukrainians can be found in every Russian formation that fought on the German side, occupying all kinds of positions, from generals to regular infantry. Because of that I will focus only on those Ukrainians who possessed higher ranks.



Members of ROA staff:

Oberst prince Bojarsky (descendant of famous Ukrainian landlords)

Chief of Communications – Major G. Kremenetsky

Chief of sub-section in Recruitment section – Major G. Svyrydenko

Commander of 2nd sub-section of Military school – Oberst A. Denysenko

Commander of 3rd. sub-section (Cavalry) – Oberleutenant N. Vaschenko

Inspector of propaganda among volunteers – Captain A. Sopchenko

Administrative section – Captain P. Shyshkevych

Commander of Officer batallion – M. Golenko

In charge of special communications – M. Tomashevsky

Members of reconnaissance staff – Leutenants:

J. Marchenko, S. Pronchenko, J. Sytnyk.

1st division of ROA

Commander of the division – General-major S. Buniachenko

1st adjutant – Oberst Rudenko

Chief of Supplies – Oberst Gerasymchuk

Chief of Propaganda – Major S. Bozhenko

Chief of Recoinassance – Major Kostenko.

Officer of Communications – Leutenant Redko

Divisional superintendant – Captain Palamrchuk.

2nd division of ROA

Member of staff – Oberstleutenant Bogun.



Armed Forces

General-major D. Zakutnyi.

Generals F. Golovko, V. Lukjanenko.

Oberst Bondarenko, Lukjanenko,

Major J. Muzychenko

Captain V. Grechko

Professor Vasylakyi.


1st adjutant – Oberst Pliuschev-Vlasenko.

Oficer of Special Tasks – Major B. Klymovych

Chief of Cadre – Captain Naumenko

Chief of Medical personell – Oberstleutenant Levytsky.

Leutenant A. Skobchenko