Ukrainische Legion

This unit was created before the German invasion to Poland. Together with Slovenian volunteers, it fought in the Polish campaign as a part of the Eastern European group. The detachment was called “Berg-Bauern Hilfe”. But this name was not popular and they called it “Ukrainian Legion”. It was formed of the members of OUN (Ukrainian Nationalists’ Organization), Ukrainian students who studied in Austria and Germany, and also of the Carpathians-Ukrainian Army soldiers. Their training schools were in Saubersdorf (Austria) and the chief administration was located in Breslau. The training program of volunteers included sharp-shooting, the skills of arms handling, self-defense, propaganda and sabotage. All the volunteers from two infantry regiments had black Czech uniform. The single distinction was the pin in the form of OUN trident with a sword in the centre and a shield with the same insignia and Ukrainian legend.

Legion was armed with light weapons and included motor-cyclists detachment. The “Ukrainian Legion” regiments were attached to various German divisions. The legion crossed the river San and reached Striy and Lvov. Its mission was the propaganda and the search for disappeared Polish Army regiments. When the Polish campaign was finished (December, 1939) the “Ukrainian Legion” was dismissed and its remnants brought in DUN (Ukrainian Nationalists’ Druzhina).